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Ward 39 2019 Runoff results by precinct

The results are in for the Mayoral and Aldermanic runoff elections in Chicago. I live in the 39th ward, which had a runoff between Samantha Nugent and Robert Murphy. The ward consists of several distinct neighborhoods with massively different demographics. I wanted to do a few maps that show the results of the runoff. Note […]


Privacy Policy for Google Apps Scripts

Hello. You’re probably seeing this because you want to use one of the spreadsheets that I’ve created for use by gamers. Google requires me to have a privacy policy somewhere so that they can verify the macro scripts I use in those spreadsheets. That’s what this is. I don’t keep any records of who uses […]


Scripts for Weirdos

Autodidacticism at its finest, with a cup of code and a pinch of insanity.



The side project that ate my life.



Can open data protect the renters of Chicago?



Cheekily irreverent real estate statistics.