Ward 39 2019 Runoff results by precinct

April 3rd, 2019

The results are in for the Mayoral and Aldermanic runoff elections in Chicago. I live in the 39th ward, which had a runoff between Samantha Nugent and Robert Murphy. The ward consists of several distinct neighborhoods with massively different demographics. I wanted to do a few maps that show the results of the runoff.

Note that these will only remain available until the end of the year when Google turns off Fusion Table Maps. Also note that the maps below were created less than 24 hours after the polls closed. Some numbers may change over time as manually counted ballots and ballots sent in by mail are added to the tallies.

I haven’t done a map for the mayoral election because Lightfoot swept every precinct in Ward 39 by a pretty substantial majority.

A few other bits of trivia: both candidates won in their respective home precincts. The home precinct of the former 3rd candidate Casey Smagala went to Murphy in the runoff.

Simple Majorities

The huge split in priorities is markedly apparent in this first map, which shows the precincts won by Nugent in green and the precincts won by Murphy in blue.

Strong Majorities

However, Nugent didn’t win by a very large margin. Overall she took 55.45% of the vote. I wanted to see which precincts had a strong preference, so I did a second map removing any precincts with splits that fell within 44.55 and 55.45%. Again, Nugent in green, Murphy in blue.


Of course, voter turnout is also very important. A landslide victory has substantially less significance if only 12% of registered voters bothered to show up at the polls. So I did another map showing the turnout percentages.


  • 0-20% red
  • 20-35% orange
  • 35-50% green
  • 50%+ blue

It’s getting on in the morning and the Chicago Election site is getting very, very slow. If you want me to do any more maps for Ward 39 drop me a note on Twitter @keys_please.