Scripts for Weirdos

October 6th, 2016

A few years ago a friend of mine started a project on Facebook. She posted one photo a day that she considered to be her best, and continued to do so for a year. By the time she was finished, she had greatly improved her photography skills and was getting jobs as a portrait photographer.

When I decided after 18 years of writing code as a hobby that I wanted to try for a job in IT, I found that the technical languages I’d already learned were somewhat dated. Taking inspiration from my friend’s photography project, I decided to boot camp myself through a bunch of new languages.

The Scripts for Weirdos project is pretty simple. Each week I will teach myself a new technical language and write a small app in that language. It could be an in-depth compiled language like Java or a rendering framework like Angular. Sometimes I might take longer and do something that combines multiple new languages over the course of several weeks. The point is to spend 40 hours a week for a year learning and developing, and to then share each project both here and on Github.

Will I manage to stick with it? Who knows. Will I make anything that’s actually useful? Probably not. Will I get a job out of this? One can hope so.