I appreciate responsibility, accountability, honesty and initiative. (Vocabulary doesn’t hurt.)

Currently I am a web developer and apartment researcher. I’ve spent at least a couple of months of my life doing a whole bunch of different things for money.

I’m told I have a very strong personality. This is very likely to be true. I like to make big decisions. I welcome change.

I have a sleep disorder that has not yet been diagnosed. I have serious trouble keeping to a consistent wake/sleep schedule for more than a few days in a row.

My peers in middle school voted me as “most serious” in one year and “most sophisticated” in the second year. They were correct on the former assessment. Perhaps if they’d bothered to look up the definition of the latter they would have found an antonym instead.

I spot connections between seemingly unrelated things. I enjoy trope-spotting and skewering archetypes. I am a master at writing song parodies. I absorb the accents of my conversation partners.

I survived cancer but I was too young at the time to recall any of it now.

I think every action requires a conscious decision, and seek options that are hidden from view.

I have somewhat limited mobility.

I value people more highly than money. I am a skeptic, a socialist and an antinatalist. I don’t watch television although I do play some video games. I don’t use cosmetics or follow fashion. I spent a long time in assorted fandoms but am mostly past that phase now.

I occasionally write things. Some of them are good.